The Way I See

Father why do we all scamper;

When you come home tired from work?

Could it be that you carry all year’s work on your back ? 

Or that we were superimposed upon you as your children and you’d rather not see us?


Mother, why do scream at us so loud;

Like someone with an inbuilt amplifier?

Could it be that you don’t think our tiny ears can accommodate your big voice?

Or that your words are daggers which need to pierce deep into our minds?


Father, why hide some money when mother approaches;

Could it be that mother is fire and the money is petrol? 

Or that you are saving up some money to surprise her?


Mother why delete your credit alerts? 

Could it be that your SIM card lacks the requisite space?

Or that father’s eyes are forbidden to behold such on your phone?


Little brother, what are you doing in there?

How did you get in? 

When would you get out?

How would you get out?

Why couldn’t you just be like me and appear in the world?

Life is a little complicated, from my side of the world. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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