180 Degrees


14 March

180 degrees

Tell us about a time you did a 180 degrees changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.




180 Degree Turn

Definition: Complete change


10 Times I did an 180 degree turn

  1. That one time I decided that I was never going to be negative again. It was a little bit of an extreme 180 degrees for me because I actually stopped saying the word ‘no’, altogether. I banished ‘can’t’ and ‘don’t’ from my dictionary, which made my vocabulary pretty limited. I calmed down when I did my HIV/AIDS test and suddenly found myself praying to test negative
  2. When I finally decided to stop being wasteful. It was a sticker on a car I saw that informed my decision. It said, ‘A waster today is a beggar tomorrow’. And. It. Just. Struck.
  3. When I decided to stop living in the past. It’s either too depressing or too good to be recreated. Who wants to live in the past when there’s so much the future holds?
  4. When I decided to stop fearing failure. What is failure, anyway? We are to measure failure by the standards of success we have set for ourselves. And so maybe it may suck that other people have higher standards for YOUR own success, but you must learn that failure is only your failure if you make it yours. Think about it.
  5. When I decided to stop judging people based on my other past experiences. I thought to myself, ‘do I want to be treated in reaction to what someone else did?’ No. Everyone should be given a chance to prove their worthlessness 🙂
  6. When I decided to stop accepting prices at their first offer. This is not a matter of poverty or wealth. Bargaining is something everyone should learn. Since real money is in the value not the paper, I decided to start to value products or services before I pay for them, and to see every price as an offer – an offer which can be countered. Like my former boss says, ‘Everything can be priced down. Everything’.
  7. When I decided I could not be friends with the whole world. I just can’t.
  8. When I decided to talk less and listen more. This is cliché but validly so. I have been tagged smart in my cluelessness and intelligent in my ignorance. Keep quiet, smile, look interested and go back and read on what was discussed. This is the proviso to the rule that you must always try to gain knowledge. That is, try to know many things and engage in discussions, but if you find that you’re blank, then you don’t have to say anything.
  9. When I decided to take what people say about me less seriously. Humans take other humans more seriously than they take their God or themselves. I realized that the more we take people seriously, the more we lose control of our emotions.
  10. When I decided to just stop explaining…

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