I’m very animated at the moment so I decided to fill the entry for September now. 

September has not been an all-exciting month, but I’m making do. I’m definitely better than I was in June and July and August. 

It’s my fifth month pregnant and its becoming realer. 

I went for an ultrasound scan and the baby is a… wait for it… GIRL!!!!  I get to have final authority over the names she will bear since her father is nowhere. Here is one I selected:

Iyanuoluwa: Meaning ‘the wonders of God’, because truly I was surprised at this gift God chose to give me. 
I’m still contemplating naming her ‘May’. Because she was conceived in May! Haha!
This month, I got a sign (other than my protruding belly) that another life is indeed growing within me. The sign came in form of the deep philosophical debates that have started growing within me. I believe these debates show that I have two brains in my body. 

I remember one time I entered a Danfo from Sabo to Oyingbo. The conductor priced the fare at N120 and did not budge even after I argued with him. Then when we got to the next bus-stop (Alagomeji), he said the fare to Oyingbo was  still N120. In my mind I started rejoicing because it meant that he didn’t just look at me and call price; he was being mean to everyone. 

But Iyanu’s brain quickly came in and said:  The fact that others were cheated as well does not make it okay that you were cheated. Even if the whole world was cheated, it still doesn’t make it right. 
Another time, I was doing my laundry. I had separated by whites from my blacks.  Most of the whites had been during the previous week. The shirt I wore the day before was a black shirt. But because I was washing my whites first, I washed all the cloths I had wore the previous week before the one I wore just the day before. 

And Iyanu’s brain came and said: This is how life is. Colour can give people advantage over others even though the others are more qualified. 
Most of these things (the philosophical thoughts) are stupid to me but it doesn’t mean they don’t come. I just welcome them as a conversation between MOTHER AND DAUGHTER
Iyanu is going to be very intelligent. 

P.S. I’m really excited today because I have been watching a lot of comedy from morning till now. 

Tsk tsk.

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