All For Me

Yesterday, I didn’t post any article because I didn’t write any. I remember picking up my phone to type a bunch of whatever came rolling into my head but I just dropped the phone on my laptop and rolled on my bed in extreme pain. 

Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m in serious pain or I just have a low threshold for pain. Most times, I settle for: Pain is Pain. And pain does not feel good.

So I fell sick around the beginning of this week and it just made me weak (sorry, I couldn’t resist jumping on that). 

It’s malaria. There’s a hole in the window net of my room and it warmly ushers in mosquitoes from the other side. Plus, I have been stressing A LOT lately.

Anyway, the sickness got really bad yesterday and there was the additional emotional wreckage I felt when I realized that once again, I was allowing the devil cheat me of my already received solid health. 

I was also thinking about my exams which were slated to commence on the 29th of August. Between the readers of this blog and I, I am about 7% ready for the exam. (Father & Mother, if you read this post, I’m just joking)

So yesterday, I had all these physical, intellectual and emotional (and maybe even spiritual) battles going on in me and I was just too weak to write. I was sleeping in and out of nightmares (where I was kidnapped and no one could save me.) I had a terribly block nose and a blazing throat. I had cough and cold and heat all at the same time. It was not pretty. 

One of those moments when I dashed out of a nightmare, I picked up my phone and drowsily checked my chats. On my class group, I saw that everyone was complaining and saying: Oh God, No!

I scrolled up and saw that our class representative had announced the change of date in our exams: 5th of September. 

In my weak state of mind, I simply whispered, ‘He’s intentional’ and I went back to sleep. 

I got that statement from Travis Greene’s Intentional song where he sang: All things are working for my good/ He’s intentional 

The way I see it, God loves me a lot. 

I am that farmer for whom he sends rain while everyone else complains about the wetness.

I am the pedestrian he causes to miss the bus which would later crash 

I am the one for whom He delays harmattan just so my dry skin syndrome can be cured before it gets worse 

Etc. etc.

All things actually work together for my good… Intentionally. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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