Beauty and the Best

My husband and I are celebrities in our own world because everywhere we go, people follow us with their eyes. We cannot walk into a mall or on the beach or even in church without receiving donations of curious stares. The reason is obvious; I am extremely beautiful and my husband is not as handsome as others would like him to be.

We first met during one of my modelling shoots for some body lotion company about 18 years ago. He was on the Advert and PR team from the contractors of the gig, and his job there was to vet the photos and ensure that the results of the shoot were good enough to submit to the lotion company.

Believe me when I say that I was not searching for a man at that point in my life; it was even surprising that my useless heart was still up and beating. It had been dragged front, left and center like a chicken drags along the nylon stuck between its feet. I was content with just making my money and facing front. After all, the only reason why the bird still poops on the vehicle is because the vehicle lets it.

But that day, I could not but notice my husband. He was in charge; and in charge appropriately. I had always fantasized about marrying a man who is a leader in every sense. Like someone who was so much of a leader that he was not afraid to let me lead as well.  But then, I never imagined that such a man would exist.

Apparently, he noticed me too. And for the very first time in my life, I felt the need to put up my best for a man, as opposed to my usual routine of downplaying my awesomeness and trying to underplay my beauty because I was tired of men gathering me like I was spilled coke and they were ants.

Anyway, long and short, my husband and I got married. People were shouting at me, saying ‘You want to dilute your beauty for your children?’, ‘Ah. Don’t you know that you’ll start looking like your husband when you people start living together’

I said ‘ok’ to all of them. They did not know the treasure I had found in this earthen vessel. I feel a fraction of what God feels when he looks at man; because He sees the heart of men and He sees us as we can be, not as we are, and not our faces or outward dispositions.

I look at my husband every morning and I do not believe the blessings God had brought to me. I look up to him for a lot of things and what’s even more crazy is that he always leads me back to God. That is a man, I tell you. I look at my husband and I am humbled. I look at my husband and I shudder to think what lowlife I would have been with if I had not met him. He’s a talker and a doer. And I am very proud to be his wife.

So every time, when people stare at us and wonder how the beauty and the beast have left the TV screens and have come down in the likeness of men, I glance at my husband, smile and think of how the beauty is honored to be loved by the best.

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