Call Me Tomorrow

Call me Tomorrow.

I bear the consequences of your actions today

Your fantasies are embedded in me

It is only I who knows whether they will become your reality. 


Call me Tomorrow

Nothing catches me by surprise 

For I am closer to your death than to your birth

And the sun, to you, is moon to me.


Call me Tomorrow.

I am swollen with all the responsibilities that you stuff into me

Because you believe that I am freer, longer and more accommodating than today. 

But alas, I am not. 

For I carry within myself, my own troubles. 


Call me Tomorrow.

And not ‘the Future’

For though you mean the same thing, the latter makes you lazy about preparing for me. 

Never understanding that you are always a second closer to me. 

Call me Tomorrow.

No, I don’t mean just the one in which the alarm wakes you. 

I do not begin then. 

I begin where you are now. 

Look down at your feet, look around you and smell the roses, I am there with you although I am incapacitated. 

This is the only time when you have absolute control over me. Today.

For when I arrive, I come with my own demands.

Worse still, when I become Yesterday. Then, you can only make changes in your retrospections. 

Call me Tomorrow.

For me, you must follow your heart  using your head.

For I am greatly affected  when you let that precious lady out of your grasp

Simply because she batted her eyelashes, curved her lips, rolled and eyes and said to you; ‘Well. I’m not free today. Call me tomorrow’ 

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