Complex Simplicity

Why is it that I’d rather believe in the quality of a product whose mechanics I don’t understand, than believe in the quality of one whose workings are plain to sight?

Why would I rather take someone who speaks with big grammar and walks complicatedly around the point more seriously than someone who talks plainly and within seconds gets to his point?

Why would I rather choose a dress with complex straps and tight fittings than one which just rests on my shoulders quietly?

Why would I rather choose a course whose modules are severely complicated, over one whose modules I can get a fair understanding of once I hear the course title? 

Why would I be more intrigued by a seemingly disturbed introverted and mystical person and be less interested in a happy-go-lucky kind of person? 

Why do we seek for complexity over simplicity? 

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I guess. It’s just a man thing. 

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