Dear Sanguine


What am I doing with the exclamation marks; trying to be on the same excitement level as you? Highly impossible! 

You crazy one. I envy almost everything about you! It feels like most of us on earth are just living but you’re alive. 

I love how your laughter can fill up the entire room and yet we all would still feel as though we are welcome to join the laugh. Even if you tell the same joke a hundred times, I’d still find it funny. 

Me, as a Mel, I don’t laugh for too long for fear of how my teeth would look or whether everyone is looking at me and wondering what has come over me. But with you, I can laugh for as long as I want because the people who would possibly insult my laughter are also laughing at your joke and have their eyes glued on you. 

You chose the rightest woman- gentle and accommodating. Please just make sure you let her shine as well. Women love attention; no matter what they tell you. You can use your loudness to announce how awesome she is and direct a little attention to her. Have sense. 

We all know that you lie sometimes when you tell your stories. Like, how on earth could your mother have broken the ‘Garri turning stick’ on your brother’s head and he’s still alive and sane today? We know you add extra events to your stories but we forgive you. 

But I think you can be insensitive sometimes. Like how when Bola fell down and was obviously red with embarrassment and you turned it into this big mega joke that got everyone laughing. See, even though she knew that we weren’t laughing at her but because of her, it still hurt her, probably even more than the injury she sustained. 

Also, you can be loud! Do I need to even explain that? It seems as though your vocal cords are lined with exclamation marks and your mouth is an amplifier. You have gotten yourself in more troubles than necessary with your loudness and with the way you don’t think before you talk at times. Change. 

S, I love you and I envy the way you can easily be the life of the party, but sometimes you have to realize that moderation is important. When people want to be given their space, understand and comply. When people are not comfortable with your jokes, learn to compromise. Eventually, you must get that the world does not revolve around you, neither does it revolve for you. 

Don’t be a whore for attention. 

I love you now and always S! You know! 

P.S. Please come and carry all the dirty clothes you’ve been using style to pile in my room. No way I’m washing them for you. 



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