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10 March

Playlist of the Week

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.


I tried to get Debo to do this interview over IM, but I only got tired and slightly pissed waiting for my messages to get replied. Now I know how people feel when I leave their messages unattended to. (To everyone who has suffered from this irritating behavior of mine, I am too sorry mehn. It was (and will be) definitely not intentional.  )

I’ll just give his direct playlist rundown:



Song: ‘Dramamine’ by Modest Mouse

Reason for Selection: On Sunday, I chilled with a friend and talked about the Bible. Then, I decided to go for a run, as the second part of my church service. I recently added this song to my run playlist and I listened to it for the whole 4km […of my run] . It’s perfect for running, easy going slow and it maybe a sad song.



Song:Our Father’ by Don Moen

Reason for Selection: On Monday, I was feeling pretty upbeat; I think it was a result of Sunday’s spiritual revival. The run and the church/Bible gist with my friend was somewhat profound. We talked about how you transcend from the body to the emotional realm, then to the mind and ultimately to the untouchable place where you’d like to operate every time – The Spiritual. So I was aware of my spirit on Monday and it affected my day. I was journaling away, writing notes to God, seeing further into my future than I have in recent past.  ‘Our Father’ is the song on top of my spiritual songs and I chose it also because I am certain I entered a new level with God, the Father.



Song: ‘Everything Scatter’ by Fela

Reason for Selection: On Tuesday, I sort of relapsed form my spiritual high horse and came back to the mind/emotional sphere. It actually started on Monday evening when a quick errand turned out to be an almost overnight outing. This affected my regular morning routine on Tuesday – no running, no workout, no devotion, no early work, no emails etc.  It was just a lethargic morning that led to a harried afternoon and a Champions League evening. It was basically ‘Ugly Tuesday’, and Fela’s Everything Scatter comes to mind here.



Song:Power’ by Kanye

Reason for Selection: On Wednesday, not liking what happened on Tuesday, I swung into action immediately and did all things right. I started the day early, got work done on my computer and was in a good place. But then, there was no light, no fuel and my inverter died. NEPA is on strike. All the ginger I had died; no power to queue for fuel and no power to charge phone. I shut down early that day. I dedicate that day to Kanye’s Power



Song: ‘Get The Party Started’ by Pink

Reason for Selection: Today is Thursday and today was a good day. I woke early to get some fuel and it sparked me back to life. I had a meeting with a client I’ve been chasing for a while and that went pretty well (it was also the highlight of my day; the beginning of many new things.) Today was a good day and it feels like the first day of the rest of an amazing journey. So yeah, Pink’s Get The Party Started comes to mind.


I appreciate Debo for his realness. There’s so much beauty in his simplicity.  This is the realest interview I have conducted so far. Thanks Debo!

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