Deliver Us

Deliver us from the lies we tell ourselves;

For they are good valiums but bring a splitting headache in the morning. 

Deliver us from the lies others tell us; 

For they stuff our hearts but empty our heads.

Deliver us from the lies we tell others;

For they sour our lips and poison our tongues. 

Deliver us from leaders who do not know who they are;

For they will lead us like a blind man leads his aide. 

Deliver us from those who embrace sorrow;

For their beds will one day lure us and we will find a lover in bitterness. 

Deliver us from those who intentionally break the law;

For not even self-control can save them from disobedience. 

Deliver us from a life of toils;

For it makes our muscles stronger but our strength, weaker. 

Deliver us from fast money and fast cars;

For they never see the red light at the exit 

Deliver us from a dead life;

For, at the end, we all shall still die.

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