Don’t Think!

People think too much and although it irritates me, it also excites me to think that they have left just me (and a few others) to supply obvious answers to questions. 

The obvious answers to questions are always obvious because they are true. But that’s very rebuttable… As I have been forced to concede. 

Anyway, for instance, I went for a job interview and at the group interview stage, a woman on the panel said, ‘From the left to the right, I will give you 30 seconds to make a good impression on me‘. I watched in horror as people fumbled and stuttered (someone even tried to do a magic trick!!). Anyway, when it got to my turn, I raised my left hand high, swung it backwards and gathering enough speed, I raced the hand towards the check of the woman who made the requests and slapped her. The impression of my fingers on her face was unmistakably the best. 
Another time, my dad asked me to make him a cup of tea. As soon as I heard it, I realized that it was merely a test. I quickly shouted, ‘God forbid!, I will make you proud  sir; not a cup of tea.’ It was weird what my father replied. He said without blinking  , ‘Well, that’s your cup of tea. Now give it to me’ 

Or another time when my neighbor asked to take care of her dog and give him ‘some food’ from the kitchen counter. When I went to the kitchen counter, I did not see the exact dog food. I saw that she was however trying to also test me because I saw another type of dog food called ‘kernel supplies’. Haha. Trying to test me? I would not feed your dog with any food but ‘some food’
People think too deep about things! The answer is right there in the literal words. Just see it!

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