I see fake people everywhere.

People who spend more of their lives on phones made of plastic material more original than the plastic they themselves are made of.

People who speak vocabulary so alien that their brains shut up in the process and their tongues want to throw it up.



I see fake smiles everywhere.

Smiles so plastered and strong; strong enough to hide all the injuries and bruises behind it.

Smiles so fake that the eyes marvel at such mastery and go ahead to give it away.



I see fake relationships everywhere.

People holding hands but ripping each other’s hearts apart.

People holding on too tightly to thin air.



I see fake promises everywhere.

Promises so empty that they make the loudest noise.

Promises so carelessly spoken that they break once they roll of the tongue.



I see fake motivation everywhere.

Like, ‘Do you know that once you know that you are known, no one can tell you no?’

Or like, ‘Yes I know, years of yes are yeses to my nos’



I see fake news everywhere.

News carefully crafted to stop us from asking the right questions.

News carelessly researched which proffer the wrong answers.



I see fakeness everywhere.

Or it may just be these fake Ray-Ban frames from behind which I peer.

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