Falling Things

When we were 14, Bayo told me he was traveling to Canada in the Fall, I said, ‘How stupid? If you can go when everything is upright, why go when they are coming down?’ 

He said that’s when he knew he loved me, ‘With every word, I fell in love and I’m still falling‘, he said. 

On our wedding day he said that he’ll stick by me, ‘if you get poor, if you stay rich, if you stay healthy or if you fall sick’ 

But that was strictly the deal – no one talk about me falling down a long flight of stairs and breaking both my legs. So Bayo was not ready. 

At first things were fine. He would feed me and bath me. Then it graduated to him only supporting me just so my towel doesn’t fall when I come of the bathroom. 

And now? Everything is falling apart. I do not see him anymore or know where he is, half the week. 

On some night, he crawls into bed when I’m finally falling asleep and I can hear him sob. Some other nights, he just lays on the couch in the room staring at me till daybreak; staring at me like I’m death. 

I would give him credit for public decorum though. He acts well in front of our friends and family; he acts well enough before the curtains fall. 

Sometimes I stay up just thinking how bad I hate the Fall. 

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