***This was written by my friend Rachel; about our other friend – Ekelemchi. 

I am tired. In every sense of it, this exhaustion is from within and I can feel it everywhere.

I had previously written a post ranting about my life and the most recent event,; my result. I had been heavily burdened all week, I had just seen my results and it wasn’t good. I was devastated, I worked hard, I prayed hard and I just couldn’t come to terms with it. As if that wasn’t enough, I had another issue as regards up loading one result online. I sincerely felt God had abandoned me and He just wasn’t bothered.

And then… a tragic event occurred and I really started to think properly for the first time that week.

Like David encouraged himself in the lord, I am encouraging myself and anyone out there facing any ‘challenge’ or ‘difficulty’.

The dead don’t cry. A dead person isn’t worried, a dead person has no business thinking about how she/he will graduate or get a job, a dead person isn’t worried if she/he will get married, or when the baby will come.

…..When there is life there is hope.

I’m not trying to mock the dead or think myself better than my friend and course mate that passed away, I’m just grateful to God for life. And since I’m still alive, I am hopeful!!!

Rest in His bossom Ekelemchi Nwuzor. May God comfort your family.


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