I Hear

You would be surprised how much I can hear even though I’m medically deaf. (Well, I’m deaf, simply)

I hear my mother tell me she loves me everytime she comes to cover my body with a blanket at night. 

I hear my father say he’s proud of me everytime he reads the articles I write. 

I hear my uncles and aunties gossip about me everytime I see their darting eyes. 

I hear my classmate pity me everytime they offer me their seats. 

I hear new lecturers feel uncomfortable everytime they know that I can’t hear what they say. 

I hear super market attendants say  ‘Next! Are you deaf?’ Everytime they said ‘Next! Are you deaf?’ 

I hear my mom tired everytime she signs to me to tell me how her day went. 

I hear my best friend protect me everytime she smiles at me.

I hear the world not ready for what I have planned, everytime it turns. 

I hear God clearly everytime He speaks. 

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