I Owe Her 

I am overwhelmed to be writing this piece; my fingers are tingling and my heart has been racing ever since Tuesday; two days ago. 

I am constantly tired and I can feel my body being dragged behind strength (I don’t even know what that means! But I’ve been saying weird exciting things since Tuesday). Nevertheless, I am super duper excited and I have never been this eager to live life happily and fully.

How can I put this succinctly? I gave birth to my baby girl on Tuesday!!!!

Oh my God! It’s amazing; I’m amazed! I am grateful! I am thankful! I am shocked! I am elated!

Everytime I look at my baby’s court, my stomach tightens into a knot and I feel overwhelmed with responsibility and gratitude.

I owe her. I owe her all the love I can muster from my fragile heart; I owe her the best education – both formal and informal; I owe her protection; I owe her exposure; I owe her correction; I owe her hugs and kisses; I owe her answers; I owe her defense; I owe her support; I owe her financial assistance; I owe her spiritual guidance; I owe her privacy; I owe her intrusion; I owe her stories; I owe her mentorship; I owe her discipline; I owe her everything. 

And by God’s grace, I’ll give all of that to her. All of that and even more!

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