I Want To Be My Children

I was thinking of my children today and my heart swelled with envy.  

I am so jealous of my children, I want to be them!

I am jealous of my children because they have such an amazing life. 

I wish I have parents as cool as they have. It’s envious how their parents always have such a good time with them; laughing, singing, dancing, debating. 

My children’s mom and dad are the best spiritual leaders a child can ask for. I wish I had someone who would tell me the Truth in such a simple way. My children learn and so they teach. 

My children are so intelligent! Like they intimidate their parents even. Always on top of their game; on top of current affairs; on top of news on new releases and innovations. They attend the best and most competitive schools, and they still come out tops.

And I know my children sound proud and haughty but they are the sweetest, cutest and most humble creatures on earth; it’s amazing! They are so willing to learn, so willing to be corrected; so willing to abound and to abase. 

My children’s parents are constantly surprised as to how beautiful their children are. They keep looking in the mirror and looking at their kids and thinking, ‘Well, God did us a solid!’ 

My children have so much clarity in life. They are barely confused. They are bold and they stand up for what is right. They help people and do not tear them down. They don’t gloat about the wealth of the family but are hardworking and diligent; making a name for themselves. They are soooo honourable and so special. They love their country and treat the laws with respect. They do not cheat, lie, or take advantage of other people. They do not gossip and they keep amazing friends. 

You are finding it hard to believe that these are actually human beings right? That’s because they sound too perfect. But those are actually – in reality, for a fact, without any qualification, without any exaggeration – my children. 

And I so envy them, I want to be like them. 


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