I Was Given!

I bought pain when I bought painkillers;

For they encouraged my body to give up and cling to the promise of their succor. 

I bought sorrow when I bought the tickets to the comedy show;
For it made me laugh until I was clearheaded and began to think of all the things that weren’t funny. 
I bought hate when I bought lust;

Paid for the prostitutes hoping they’d do their thing and show me love, 

But they only made me hate myself the more.
I bought obsucrity when I bought fame; 

For to be popular is not the same as to be understood and to be cheered is not the same as to be respected. 
I bought more problems when I bought alcohol;

For in exchange of the awareness of my problems, it gave me hangovers and a weakened liver. 
I bought insecurity when I bought a house;

For though I thought the four walls could keep me safe, I realized that they only keep me prisoned. 
I bought some ugliness when I bought Cosmestics; 

For with an induced pretty face, I realized no one (not even I) cared about my rottening heart. 
But I got life by the free gift of God

He neither demanded a fee nor a refund

Now his love has given me all the things I hoped to purchase 

And His blood has purchased all the things I hoped to be given 

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