I’m Back!

Yes! I missed this blog terribly.

So… after the strike, we all resumed and there was just a lot to take in. People had grown taller, some finer, some had cut their hair :O, some were carrying babies , plus everybody became so serious. It was like I didn’t get a certain memo that instructed everyone to go to the library. Anyway, to avoid judgment, I had to abandon the blog and face my studies. And face it I did. I had a beautiful time in the exam hall. You don’t believe? See something I typed on my phone after one of my papers:
“The futility of life hits me more each time I step out of the exam hall.
Every time I step out of that law annex, shuffling my red and blue biros through my left fingers and dangling my exam docket with my right hand; every time I asked the girl at the annex for the book I hurriedly dropped with her before I entered the exam hall; as I say ‘thank you very much’ and she smiles, the nothingness in life hits me even harder.
All that reading, cramming, studying, not-sleeping… what for? Just for 2.5 hours, 4 questions and As. That’s all.”
😀 Pretty intense huh?
But of course, I did not stop thinking of the blog. I had a couple of ideas such as; a new section on Music Inspiration, another on Bible Inspiration… That’s it. Oh yeah… and I started photography (who wants to carry last?). So, I’m going to be sharing some of my pictures on here and some on Instagram (@tzboro). Watch out!
Erm… also, I heard that because of that my Ralia stunt, plenty people no longer believe me when I say someone sent in an article ( .. I’m not that bipolar). So… I’m going to open a new (section?) for the people that have sent in any article.
That’s about it… I’m glad I’m back and shame to the devil!!!! (he/she tried to destroy my laptop).

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