Imaginary Interview: 1

‘What’s the best advice you ever received? 

  • The best advice I ever received was: The fact that you choose not to follow the crowd doesn’t mean you should do exactly opposite of what the crowd is doing. Sometimes you follow the crowd but do what they are doing in a totally different way. Innovate processes and the quality of the product might change.

What’s the worst way a person may die? 

  • Oh well, there are a thousand ways to die, but for me the worst way to transition to either heaven or hell is to die for a cause that was a lie; and you didn’t know it was. That’s just bad. 

What’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever told you?

  • The sweetest thing anyone has ever told me is: ‘Here, I made you Garri you loads of sugar in it’. First, the sugar makes it sweet and second, the person barely knew me and yet knew that I love Garri with plenty sugar and THEN went ahead to make it for me.  The act was as sweet as the food.

What’s the rudest thing anyone has ever done to you?

  • Well, I’m not one to consider actions as rude but there was this one time when someone borrowed by laptop to check out something online at work and then she closed all my tabs!!!!! And when I collected my laptop and was curiously looking for my tabs in ridiculously places (like in my motherboard, and under my computer) I asked her if she closed my tabs and she said ‘Yeah.’  And continued her work. That was bloody rude.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done? 

  • The coolest things I’ve ever done was to fix the AC in the gym where I go to work out on Saturdays. The AC suddenly stopped working as we were all working out and the manager was panicking and all, so I googled something and tried something and it started working. It was cool because I am not technical in anyway, and it was also cool because I mean, Air Conditioning. 

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