In 10 Minutes


Jan 24

Ready, Set, Go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. 


Somebody help me!!!!

Wait… no one can hear me. I am so scared here so scared. It’s a small room with a lot of dust and tiny rodents running up and down. 

I don’t know if this is a sick joke, but obviously, they left a pencil and a sheet of paper here for me. It feels like a drama. Like I’m playing a part in this whole ‘Kidnapping stage play’. Surely, there’s a bunch of audience sitting somewhere opposite me now. I cannot see them because the lights on them are turned off. This pencil and paper here is for me to write a letter to my mom(who is also probably part of the audience eating popcorn and happy at the way her daughter is acting her ‘kidnapped’ role so well). Then maybe one of those birds in Game of Thrones would come here and deliver the letter for me. 

I was walking gently down the road when a car screeched and someone opened the door and dragged me. Now I’m in this house… hearing voices of men and women.There’s some incantation also… or at least that’s what it sounds like. I’m not yoruba. they are all speaking Yoruba. I have heard footsteps in front of my door come and go… I feel so scared so very scared. 

I feel like this is a joke. Oh God!!! Please help me! I promise not to see Kunle again if I get out of here. That boy had always been a doomed person. It was his house I was coming from when I got carried off. What if they kill me? What if someone comes in now and just kills me?

Kidnapping is real oh my God. 

Mommy, I’m sorry for everytime I disobeyed you. Daddy I’m sorry for all my terrible grades. Oh God… what do they matter now. I can hear footsteps… someone is coming here. The person just turned back. The person is coming again. 

I love everyone in my life… I’m so sorry for everyone I hurt. I wish to be back in school listening to my boring lectures. My heart is beating so fast. 

Someone just said ‘where’s the cutlass’

I’m hearing voices

And footsteps…

It’s getting closer

Help me please God

I would never never

i would always serve You all my days

God, Please

help me I’m so sooo

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