La Mistress D’Amour


Jan 22

I got skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

If I could choose to master any skill in the world,
I could choose to master the skill of being at expert at everything I do.
So that I’d do everything and excel at them all.
ut then, I know that being an expert at everything can be burdensome

Because, how does knowledge strike you, if you were not first ignorant?
How do you see the beauty of success without failure?
How do you appreciate expertise without novelty?


So maybe I’d choose to master the skill of making people laugh,
Because the way humans are wired;
They tend to hang around those who make them most happy…
Or do they?

For if I learn to make people laugh,
Soon enough, I would realise that I am not wanted
In funerals, prisons and hospitals
And, you see, I would be kicked out by miserable wives
Whose husbands only look at them when they cry


So maybe I’d learn how to make a lot of money
Surely, that must be a good thing
For no rich person is friendless
And ‘goodluck’ is just a humble man’s way of way of saying ‘wealthy’

But then I would realise that money is just paper with value
And no matter how much of it I have,
I will need to possess more
And so I would be imprisoned by an insatiable hunger
For an illusion of wealth. 


So I will choose to master love
Because love is the apex of perfection
And to love, money bows.
In love, sorrows smile
And with love, the world is bound to change

I mean, imagine if everyone felt for everyone, the way I feel for Success
Such catastrophic peace…

So yes, if I could choose to be a mistress of any skill in the world,
I’d be La Mistress D’amour

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