Life Gave Me Lemonade

Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why’ – Chris Rice 

I am from a terrifically wealthy and influential background

My dad gave me every cent of my start-up capital.

But I have to wake up every morning and actually run the company 

I have to relate with people, deal with calls from investors, make on-the-spot decisions, treat my employees with firm respect and love, manage the funds we get, make investment decisions, make management decision, make creative decisions.

Everyone says I was born with a silver spoon, but they miss out the fact that I still have to do the work of chewing what the spoon brings. 


I am easily the most beautiful woman in the room. 

I could never really lack for help; all I’ll have to do is call one random number on my phone and I’ll have a man provide what I need. 

But yet I take time to work on my character, skills and goals. 

I put in extra effort to maintain my values, I have to work harder so my brain stands out over my beauty, I have to be patient with every male that comes my way even though I know that 95% of them do not have good intentions, I have to work on my relations with other women and I have to be extra sensitive in the way I communicate with everyone in general. 

Everyone says I am made of gold but they forget that even gold needs cleaning. 


I am super intelligent without seemingly trying too hard. 

I only have to read once to understand what the information is and I have to listen only attentively to get what the speaker is saying. 

But no one sees my man hours of expanding my brain every night I do not sleep- I read day and night to expand the capacity of my brain; no one see the number of questions that fly through my mind neither do they see the pains I go through to make sure all my questions are satisfactorily answered. Bloody man hours.

Everyone says I have the sharpest brain, but no one wonders how it got and stays sharp.


My calendar is booked for the year because I have blown. 

People want me to speak everywhere; they want me to speak about things they already know and answer questions to which they already have answers.

They want me to talk about how I made it. They are interested in how I got rich quickly. How I became something from nothing. 

They want a few motivational lines, a lot of encouragement and too little facts-telling. 

They say, ‘Why? Life gave you lemonades! Tell us how it did’ But they refuse to listen to my stories of how I started small; juggling lemons at birthday parties to earn a living. 

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