Like A Well Without Water

I turn on the TV for some water

And I see a well

He is a politician; with a river of words gushing out of his well of a mouth

I pant and reach into his deep deep words. But, alas, I found no water

His words were bogus;

They were the ramblings of a clueless mind

But as deep as they sounded,

They lacked substance –

Like a well without water.




I hung on to the eyes of my love

For by now, I was getting thirsty

His eyes held too many promises

They seemed refreshing like pure water

There was hope and love and trust and commitment in the wells that were his eyes

If only I could reach in and drink, I thought.

But time was the bucket with which I sought to draw from his eyes,

And I let it down more and more and more time; desperate and hoping.

Until time hit rock bottom

And I realized that

The depth of love I saw in his eyes was only hollowness

Lacking substance like a well without water.





Panting now, highly dehydrated

I looked to other people

Random people

Their commendations

Their praise

Their adoration

Their obedience

Their congratulations

Thinking, these will give the water to my thirsty soul

But. No.

All without substance

Like a deep deep well without water.


And it is sad.

That you may never realize this vain desertification until you hit rock bottom.

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