I like to say to people that I’m hood. In fact, when Ezra recently told me ‘Hood Morning (that’s how we greet in the hood)’, I felt quite happily gangster. But I must say – I’m not hood. Neither am I gangster. Neither am I street.

I like to believe that the reason I try to associate myself with being ‘tough’ is because I never really experienced hardship. I never really experienced hardship not because things were not hard, but because I had / have a mother that has tried her best to shield me from the perils of the world.

My mother is the most annoying person I know. (But I hear that’s how all mothers are). In fact, because of her (and Tsetse), I have concluded that all left handed people are trouble makers. (Except Wale… of course).

 However, my ‘good behavior-ness’, wisdom, strength, discipline, love, diligence, self-respect, and all other virtues which now so define me, I owe to her and her teachings, and her abaras, and her SHOUTINGS, and her prayers and her love. She’s really a great fella!

Happy Birthday MD! Thank you for being hood on my behalf!

N.B. MD, you should copy this short article for your ‘Let your daughter write something about you’ assignment. This is as sappy as I can get. 😀

I promised to drop on here some pictures from my photography career. Here are some, themed ‘Motherhood’. Enjoy… and photo-bloggers, please criticize (gently)!


My sister sorta stole a child and pretended to be her mother…








Then.. the real mother of the child showed up… 😀

ini moore

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