My Problem With Beauty

My problem with beauty is that it is enticing.

It attracts you to itself;

And God bless you if you end up leaving much to be desired.


My problem with Beauty was that she was enticing.

She never really met anyone without seeking to draw them in;

And after she did, they’d all realize that she left much to be desired.




My problem with beauty is that it looks angelic.

There are those with a beauty so natural that you could never picture them with faults.

But everyone has faults and flaws and defects and deficiencies and imperfections and inadequacies.


My problem with Beauty was that she looked angelic.

She wasn’t!

Beauty could invoke an evil spell on you and you’d still visualize white wings flapping on her back.




My problem with beauty is that is can be intolerant.

When beauty walks into a room, it consumes so much, that there’s litle space for anything less beautiful.


My problem with Beauty was that she could be intolerant.

She was unaccommodating and impatient with people.

(I once witnessed her smack a cobbler in the head because he did not share in her opinion on the brilliance of wedge shoes)




My problem with beauty is that it obsessive.

Once it grabs a hold of your face, and you look through a mirror and see it, your gaze would be fixed on it forever.

You’d always worry whether it’ll leave you.


My problem with Beauty was that she was obsessive.

All she had to do was fall in love with a particular food, or music or hairstyle.

She’d repeat it over and over and over and again until it made her sick.

It made me sick.





My problem with beauty is that it fades.

(I hate things that fade – you should see me in the Lagos Market looking for black jeans to buy. I’m crazy about dyed jeans. Crazy against it)

It slowly washes away and there’s nothing you can do to stop the rain which is time.

There’s no umbrella protection from time;

There’s no running under a tree;

There’s no running indoors. Your skin is the house!

(You’re basically in your house but not shielded from the rain. It’s amazing)

It’s amazing what time does as it rains down on beauty.

It fades away.


My problem with Beauty is that she’s fading.
After she was caught in a rainstorm and drowned in the carnal on our street;

She died;

In her black jeans; the one we bought at Lagos Market on that crazy hot day.

There was no umbrella protection. No tree branches to shield her. No running indoors!

I miss her so bad. Her and all her perks.

But it’s amazing what time is doing as it rains down on my memory of Beauty.

She is fading away.


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