My Wife is the Coolest

I just want to take time and this space out to bare it all out about my wife. Today makes it our 4th year of being married, 7th year of being in a relationship, 8th year of being best friends and 10th year of being friends. Yes! I’m counting! 
First, to allay your skepticism and answer the question I know everyone is asking: YES! We have misunderstandings!

Note that I didn’t day ‘we fight’ -because we don’t. My wife defines misunderstandings like this: It’s when, on our journey together, we realize that we each want to pass a different route to the same destination and for different valid reasons.

And she defines compromise as, ‘…acknowledging the validity of each route but agreeing on the best one to follow.’

And she defines love as, ‘the partner whose route was followed or whose route was closest to that which was followed, buying Ribena for and taking the other sulking partner out to dinner’ 

And she defines maturity as ‘the sulking partner buying as much food as he or she can have on the tab of the winning partner.’

Haha. You can imagine how many times I have prayed to lose in our ‘misunderstandings’. 

When we first got married, we were excited about the whole new process; eager to build a home together and to start a family together. 
Fast forward to two years after, we still did not have a child. It was a very trying process which occasionally got is down- as cool as we are. On the day we turned 2 years (2 years ago), I got home late and was feeling very frustrated. She was dressed up and waiting for me. Her face lit up when I walked in and she came over to sniff my body. Then she said, ‘Great. No body odor. Let’s go and get something to eat. I’m starving. I’ll drive’ Then she stopped at the door and turned around to give me a big kiss and then said ‘Chin up and stop looking so defeated. Kai’ 

When we got to the restaurant, she kept smiling at the menu in her hands. She smiled until I was forced to ask what was amusing. She said ‘Do you want to hear a deep but insensitive joke?’ I smiled and said, ‘You had me at insensitive. Shoot!’  She raised a brow, shook her head and called the waiter to come over, ‘Hi.’ she said,  ‘I see that you have a drink called REN here. What’s it made of?’ 

‘Yes ma’am. It’s the house’s special; a special kind of egg nog’ 

She smiled and said, ‘Great. My husband and I would both have some chilled REN’ 

I burst into so much laughter that I realized how foolish I was and how deep the joke was and I started weeping there and then. 

Now we have 2 children and we sometimes take them to that restaurant to have chilled REN. 

There are a multitude of events and happenings that I can pitch to you to let you know that my wife is the super coolest. I have been through so much and I don’t think I could have sanely gone through these things without her. She motivates me spiritually, in my career, in taking care of myself, in building my esteem. She even taught me how to take the most perfect selfies! She gives me so much joy!

Spending four years married to my wife has taught me more about another dimension of love that I genuinely cannot fully express. 

I’d rather have her annoying moments than any other person’s sweetness.


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