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<insert long biological and medical facts on why it’s important to engage in exercise>

I’m not too much of an exercise fan; God knows.

I started jogging daily for about 5 minutes and during my final laps, I always feel like my actual laps are going to tear to shreds on the tarred road. At some point, the music in my ear is horrible noise and I pull out my earphones in annoyance. But it makes it worse because I begin to hear my own breathing and I start to think, ‘Oh crap, I’m dying.’ And when I start thinking like that, I actually start feeling like that. But usually, at this point, I’m already racing to the finish line and I know that if I stop, I would hate myself throughout the whole day for not following through.

It’s a funny thing to be me every morning nowadays; I tell you.

To be honest, I’m not sure my jogging, aftermath stretching and the other exercises I engage in, do anything for my body. All the fats are still in all the wrong places. However, I am certain that good stuff is happening to my heart. It races like a sports car that has lost its brakes! It’s so incredible. And it’s probably the only reason why I still jog in the mornings – just so my heart can race and I can feel pumped and alive and ready for the day.

The truth however, is that I do not have to wait until 5:30am every morning to feel pumped and alive, when I can exercise my heart every second of the day without putting on my pair of sneakers.


-I could take huge risks and let my heart thump

– I could believe a little bit more and let  my heart take a leap of faith

-I could dare to really love and let my heart skip a beat

-I could recognize your blessings and let my heart soar in gratitude

-I could embrace a flood of good emotions and let my heart swim in them

-I could dream so big that my heart flies

-I could look limitations in the face with a bat in my hands and let my heart race

-I could celebrate my achievements and let my heart dance

-I could be charitable in everything and let my heart stretch

And finally,

-I could choose to just breath and let my heart relax.


What a healthy plan!


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