Not a Review : Jesus Among Other gods

Author: Ravi Zacharias


All ye intellectuals and deep thinkers say ‘Whoop Whoop!’. I have come with the review of a book that probably requires someone with 2 brains to fully appreciate it.

Sarah, my friend, has at many times urged me to read spiritual literature like Hagin and Kenyon and the likes. I used to always say I will but I never, so I guess when David Rotimi showed me Ravi Z’s book, it felt like a voice from heaven telling me ‘This is a serious book. Take it and read’

I just want to take some time to talk about Ravi Zacharias. He’s a Christian apologetic, meaning that he is a Christian who specializes in answering questions and objections from non-Christians, mostly on the irrationality of Christianity. So, he presents historical evidence, logical arguments and even philosophical thoughts coupled with biblical evidence to counter arguments.

To be an apologetic, you must not only be super versed in the field you are defending but also in other fields because your target audience consists of people from different fields especially the scientific and philosophical – even from other religions different from yours.

This is why I said this book is for deep thinkers. Ravi Z wrote this book for them. Not me (because it took me the whole of September and a bit of October to complete it)

‘Jesus Among Other Gods’ is Ravi Z’s brilliant attempt at contrasting other religions that claim to preach the truth (or even those that say no one knows the truth) with Christianity.

His major focus was Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism and all through the book he brings up different subjects, and outlines what each religion says about it. He points out the flaws in all these thinking… And boy, are there flaws!

Reading this book, I realize that not too many people ask intelligent questions about the gods they serve. Ravi Z does not run away from these questions, even the ones that seem to be ‘against’ the Christian faith.

In addressing important questions, he reveals the pure consistency in the Christian faith – even through historical evidence. He talks about so many areas and presents so many intelligent points that I almost grew tired of highlighting and screengrabbing.

Thank God I have titled this ‘Not A Review’ because I’m not sure I can do justice to this book. For me really, I was reading the book not to be convinced of my faith in Jesus (there is nothing that can convince me against my convictions in Christ), but to just learn more about how wrong other religions are about the truth and be empathic towards being more serious about preaching the true Gospel.

Also, for those searching for the truth, I would just like to say that there is no level of argument and historical evidence that can give you true salvation. At best, logical arguments can draw you towards the word of God which is the power of God unto salvation. I found it really funny that I had to read 124 pages of intensely intelligent argument obviously borne out of tedious research and a wealth of experience; I found it funny that all of these were written to explain the Gospel (which happens to be the simplest thing ever): Jesus Christ died for your sins and was raised to life for your justification, therefore if you believe in Him, your spirit is saved from the devil and is seated with Christ.

But I understand that it’s a spiritual truth and spiritual truths appear foolish to the carnal mind. I understand that many intellectuals actually need the apologetics to make sense of some things. But I insist that no one gets saved through the multitude of arguments; salvation is by the grace of God through your faith in Jesus.

I conclude with one of my favorite lines from this book.

faith is the confidence in the person of Jesus Christ and in His power, so that even when His power does not serve my end, my confidence in Him remains because of who He is.


In summary

I loved that…

A. There were references to poems and other poetic content: I really liked the random poems Ravi Z included in the book because they were so apt and relatable, and at the same time so intelligent.

B. The book was an intelligent piece. Can I overstate that the book swarm in intelligence? I feel smarter just by reading it.


I wish that…

A. Ravi Z was more relatable. But like I said, he has a niche and knows his audience. Those guys would probably be like ‘Yeah, this is like ABC to us’ 


Do I recommend the book? Well, if you are a skeptic (or you know one) who has many intelligent questions about Christianity, please yes, read the book!



Guysss! I have finished my books for September!!! I almost did a dance in the bus when I got to the last page of this book. So happy.

Soo… I start reading my October picks today. And I’m already excited about them. New reviews coming up. 

Yes! Thank you Adedayo Daini for your feedback on a feature of my reviews. I really appreciate it.


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