Not Sorry, She’s Really Beautiful

Remember I said I was going to tell you about my new girlfriend; Joy.

Being with Joy is like tasting honey for the first time, after having drank YoYo Bitters all your life!

Joy keeps me up at night just like depression, but this time around, we’re both discovering music with great vibes.

Joy can be shy and bold all at once. She’s shy when the clouds above me are greyish. She hides behind the curtains because she does not like the sound of thunder and sight of lightning. But all I have to do is smile at her and she leaps to me like a child and cleaves to me. Then she becomes so bold! She can laugh out loud no matter where we are; do a dance never minding her two left feet; tickle her own self never minding how lonely that seems; stage a one-man comedy show and also be the sole audience.

Joy makes me really handsome. She has a thing for appearance. At first, I was uncomfortable with it because I hated to look like I cared much. But being with Joy is making me throw so much caution to the wind. I look more handsome and everyone around me thinks so as well.

Joy makes me dream. She’ll sit me down and say, ‘Nothing can ever go wrong. Dream!’ And if I reply her, ‘Well, what if something goes wrong?’ She’ll do a backflip laughing and say, ‘Then I’ll be here for you and we’ll carry on’

I love her. I love Joy.

Joy makes me do crazy things sometimes though – like super crazy things. One time, in the euphoria of being with her, I heard myself promising one other girl to buy her lunch every day for 6 months. And when the recipient of my intending benevolence laughed at me and said, ‘Yeah, right’, Joy prompted me to say, ‘You don’t believe? Really? I will withdraw from school if I don’t buy your lunch every day for 6 months. I swear’. I am still suffering from the consequences of this action.

No matter what has happened though, Joy is still the best I have ever been with.

And I take care of Joy too. I try my best to be the best boyfriend she’ll ever have (she gets calls from other people every day!! If I lose her, she won’t be single for a fraction of a second). Anyway, I protect Joy, because it’s my job to protect what I love.

Because she’s sensitive to clouds and dark moods, I stay away from content that may affect her. In deciding what my eyes see, what my ears hear, what my skin feels, what my mouth tastes and what my mind conceives, I consider Joy always. What would be good for Joy? What would keep her with me? What would send her packing? What can I do to make her stay in my life more comfortable? Etc etc.

Joy teaches me to be responsible. And so now, I no longer live just for my own self and feelings, but I think of Joy and she in turn, makes me think of all the other people that I love. And because of that, I am a better person than I was.

I think it’s safe to say that I am in love with Joy.


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