Ode to my Yellow Pen

*I’m serious* -_-

I chose you.
And I’ll choose you over and again if we both came back to this world a second time;
Or if Ope ever re-celebrated her grandfather’s burial.

You were just a souvenir.
It was either you or the red one.
The red one – blazing red, probably used to getting all the attention, called out my name.
I barely even saw you.
But thank God I averted my eyes.
And for that second;
The second my eyes rested on you;
I had a feeling of content.
And I knew that if I ever wanted to go through a tough time with a pen, it had to be you.

You never for once disappointed me;
Ink so bright.
Ball point so smooth.
Body so comfortable to hold.

I lost my way though;
I went after some other pens.
Pens with fancy names like ‘Leo’ and ‘Lucky’.
But you Yellow… you stuck around (I love you for this).
And when Leo disappointed me;
You welcomed me into your homely grasp.

In your life time, people said things about you.
Things you’re not;
Like how Success said you look like a marker.
Or how (I can’t remember who now) said, ‘what kind of Biro is this one’

But let me tell you who you really are;
Who you were to me:

You were the ink to my paper;
The instrument of the materialization of my thoughts;
You brought substance and life to my ideas;
The way you let me hold you; you were like my anchor in the raging storm of words;
You were my only choice amongst other pens;
You brought a whole meaning to my perspective of writing;
Everything I ever thought I knew about pens; you defied;
You brought beauty to my education;
And joy to my life.
You were priceless (because I did not buy you and I could never have sold you);
I had plans that you’d be the one I would use to sign cheques; when I started signing cheques.
The one I’d use to sign my marriage papers; when I found ‘the one’.
The one I’d use to teach my children how to use a pen; when they got to that stage.

But you didn’t even stick around long enough for my birthday.
I guess someone saw in you, the beauty I feel with you… and stole you from me.

Of course, I’ll have to buy other pens (because I know that you’ll love for me to continue my education), but you Yellow, you’ll always be ‘The Pen’.

In honour of Yellow
Ope’s grandfather’s Burial(2014)  – The day I was reading for Hire Purchase(2014)

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