Our Pepper Soup Eyes

Not everyone sits through the 6 adventurous years of learning the Law, yet somehow everyone loves, enjoys and is an expert at judging.

The problem however is that the gates to the high throne of being judgmental do not allow self-evaluation pass through them. This is so that the judge keeps his focus on others and judges devotedly, and he is not distracted by his own shortcomings, weaknesses and flaws. 

For instance; 

We glare in disgust at women in skimpy dresses and wicked straps whereas, we breed even more wicked thoughts and own a multitude of dirty thoughts that skim through our minds. 

We condemn a smoker on the dark corner of the street whereas the state of our hearts is worse than the state of his lungs. 

We spit at effeminate and homosexual individuals and recoil at the thoughts of the intricacies of their relationship but we retire in the cold quiet night to masturbate or give pleasure to ourselves with foreign objects as though that’s more acceptable in God’s sight. 

We hate liars. Oh, how we hate them! We can’t stand them. Yet, we stand straight in front of the mirror everyday, look at ourselves, and don’t collapse and die. Wait, this means we can actually stand liars. 

We glare at single young ladies who get pregnant. ‘Slut,’ we think, ‘She ran the streets of Lagos but nemesis finally caught up with her.’ But when we throw away the used condoms, we don’t realize that it’s pregnancy unwanted as well. 

We snap our fingers at people whose bodies are covered in tattoos yet, we misuse our bodies with gluttony, medication and other things which ought not to be misused.

We lambast people because a small amount of soap got into their eyes while they took their bath, yet the liquid in our eyeballs swim in pepper soup. 

Spend more of your time renewing your mind and trying to be more like Jesus (or more of a better person, if you wish). 

The measure and standard with which you use to judge others is the exact same that will be used for you. 

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