Present past

You imagined success so much that it felt like you were only reminiscing when you finally had it.

You had clicked ‘Enter’ and though your heart raced, it was not with fear.

In your mind, the only image that swarm around was of distinctions.

And so when the webpage finally loaded, you barely blinked at what you already knew:

All A’s.


Everyone is going nuts at your result

Your mom is dancing in her bra and wrapper;

Wiggling her waist like she’s gotten healed of her bad back.

Your dad is grinning from ear to ear;

Embarrassingly incoherent.

Your younger sister is dancing with your mom;

You’re not sure she knows why she is dancing,

She just likes to have a good time, that one.

Your elder brother is drawing up a plan for your career already.

‘You made your Masters program look like it was set on ‘Beginners’ Level’, he is saying

You are the star and you deserve the best.


You smile through it all.

But in your heart, the celebration feels belated.

For way before you wrote the exam, you had killed it.


And it is in this moment you realize;

That we don’t get anything until we receive it;

And we only truly receive something by faith.

Plus, most times, what you have in your hands is only a proof of what you’ve had in your heart.

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