I woke up this morning and I felt my body – slightly red hot. I thought: ‘company law exam is tomorrow and I NEED to read.’ 

It’s 20 minutes to 10pm and I still need to read. As a law student, your script has to be littered with red ink; it is a test of your legal smarts. 

I lay in my bed all through today, switching between throaty coughs and dozing off and rolling on my notebook as though I was aiming to straighten it with my red hot body. 

Why red ink?‘ you may ask. Your red ink, as a law student is used to stand out your authorities. For instance, if you by chance know a case or a statutory provision (section ‘something’) to buttress your principle, then you should write it in red ink. 

The anopheles mosquito visited me. She saw me hit her friends who perched on my body; saw the red blood that stained my palm; saw the way I looked partially disgusted and partly thrilled; saw me flick her beloved like thrash. And she must have in grave anger, stood up amongst the men, pointed at me and said in a rare Queen Esther moment ‘Leave that one for me. I’ll have her. Even if it means her spilling my red blood as well, I will have her’ 

My jottings are littered with red ink; but they always are. However, whenever I get into the exam hall, I barely use my red pen. The cases have a way of dancing atilogwu in my head; smiling cunningly as they swap the plaintiff of one case with the defendant of another; daring to make me count the ceiling of my exam hall.  The sections suddenly become like further maths to me – was it Section 144 or did I learn it as Section 122×12+50

I read something in my bible this afternoon about Jesus nailing it all to the cross. It was profound to me because I thought of His red blood and how it’s truer than even the hotness of my skin that I can feel.

 Now I am thinking of how that same red blood has filled up my exam scripts in time past such that me, who barely touches her red pen in the exam hall usually comes out with one of the nicest results. 

It’s so clear; Jesus’s red is all that matters. 


(LOL… I’m combining Debo’s suggestion to write on primary colors and Mr Ovie’s to write on my exam experience. I remember that I once wrote a nice article on color red. You might want to check it out!’

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