Resuming Slavehood

I love my grandmother so much and I know not many people say this but I want to be like my grandmother. 

When I wish to look at a human being who is epitome of love, I look at her. You know how everyone says, ‘I want to impact lives of people in the world’ but in their everyday lives, they are so mean and impatient? That’s not how my grandmother is. 

I remember the day my mom and dad caught my smoking. They were livid! I was in a rough patch at that time of my life and was running with the bad crowd. In fact, smoking was the least in the bundle of things I got involved in. 

My dad slapped me like a hundred times (I kid you not). My mom wept and kicked me like a football (I’m still always shocked that her toes didn’t all snap off)

They reminded me that grandpa died of cancer, and they were sure I was well on my way there. They said I was an ingrate who didn’t deserve the love they showed me. They said hadn’t they tried enough for me? Shown me love when I failed my exams? Given me money before I even asked? 

My mom said that I had to put myself in her shoes and imagine my own child becoming a chimney and my dad asked if I thought being a lady with black lips and damaged lungs was sexy. 

My mom said I should be grateful to God that she hadn’t introduced me to her friend’s son and my dad said the only guys I will attract are the ones who attract trouble. 

My grandma who had been listening all along called my parents inside the room and I assume she spoke to them. They all came out some minutes later and my parents got into their vehicle and drove off to a place I still don’t know. 

My grandmother smiled when they left and said, ‘Get up and sit down. I’m not punishing you.’ I did. Then she smiled even kinder and said, ‘I know how you feel. I smoked with your grandpa when we first met. My parents were sooo angry. But the more they got angry with me, the more I felt the compulsion to smoke. I was going to smoke and then still turn out well. I was going to show them that they didn’t know me one bit; that they thought they could judge me by my actions but they didn’t know my heart. I was a good person, and I was going to show them that.

Well, that did not work out well as I got pregnant and had to drop out of school for two years before I could find my bearing and all that. 

You see, it’s not just about smoking. It’s not about drinking. It’s not about sleeping around. It’s not about anything you’re doing. It’s about who you’re obeying. 

You may think that you’re in control of your actions. And that you’re the boss of yourself, but I can assure you that you are slaving under a master. We all are, darling. 

We must all slave for something or someone – because obedience is a human character for which there can be no void. Some are slaves to money, some to God, some to charity, some to their desires, some to others, some to food, some to sex, some to power. You basically slave to what you obey.

So while we cannot choose whether or not to slave, we are totally in control of who gets to be our master. 

I reckon that since you are brave enough to make mistakes; to depart from the status quo to a less popular path, not fearing criticism and judgment, then you must be brave enough to revolt against a mean master and choose to slave to a better master – like God. 

See how I’ve taken all the power from the cigarette and the boys and I have given it to you; because you’ve always had it anyway. 

Your parents will be back soon and I would love them to meet a slave who has chosen who she is sold to.’

And with that, she smiled and went back to reading her book. And I in tears, walked to my room and looked in the mirror; at the face of the girl who has already been bought with a price. 

I resumed for duty to my new Master there and then. 

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