Sanguine’s Mantra

The Choleric is a thief, and I say that with every humor in me (no one wants to start a fight now)

For I am the M in Mr. NIGER D.

I am always on the move

Tell me somewhere where I have not been; show me people who I have not spoken to; or show me someone who I can’t speak to.

Tell me a joke I don’t know.

Well that’s impossible. I think every joke originates from me. And well, I tell other people’s jokes better anyway.

I do not understand depression; it’s such a boring emotion.

I do not understand tiredness; it’s such a lie.

I do not understand timidity; it’s basically an excuse.

Why stand in the back when you can have the front seat?

Why pass a piece of paper when you can hold the mic?

Why work backstage when the world itself is a stage?

People can be such bores!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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