Sarah Solomon – Roland kor


9 March


Who’s the most important person in your life – and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?



When I saw the question and realized that Sarah was scheduled for today, I told myself to  get ready to write things about myself because I’m obviously the most important person to her in this life.

But then I asked (just to be courteous and humble) and she said, ‘Wait, does it have to be a person?’. I smiled in my heart and thought: Aww… shy Sarah. So I said ‘Well, yeah except you want to use your Company Law knowledge and see companies as legal persons also’. She did not find it too funny, so she went ahead and said, ‘I think everyone in my life is important. It would be a cliché to say it’s my dad or mom or anyone from my nuclear family because they are automatically important to me.’

After we merry(went?)round over the point, I finally painted a scenario to her: Imagine if God came and told you that He was going to take away every important person in your life (except your nuclear family). But He gave you a wildcard to save one person. Who would you save? In my mind, I thought: Well, this is your chance Sarah. Just point at me. I won’t taunt you for loving me so much. Then I heard her say ‘Well, I have two people I would love to save (Two huh?). One makes me very very happy but is really annoying and the second person? I just love the person.’ Then like she was thinking to herself about doing away with this second person, she said, ‘But so what?’

Something evil came to me and whispered, ‘You’re that second person she just told God to kill in her mind’ I replied it, ‘God forbid. Get thee behind me.’ and proceeded to ask, ‘If God presented these two people and told you to absolutely  choose one who would go with Him to heaven. Who would you have remain with you?’ . It was obviosuly a no-brainer for her as she said, ‘The first person – the really annoying one’ I thought: Am I really that annoying?

So then I asked, ‘Why would you save that person?’. Her first answer made me scream in my mind. She said, ‘Well, one, for procreation.’ (What?! I can’t procreate with you Sarah. I’m a girl! You can only procreate with a boy. Wait. Is this first person a boy? No…) Oblivious of my amazement, she went on, ‘I actually really do love the person. I also want to deprive the person of the sweet things in heaven at the moment because he’s so annoying.’

At that point, I cut her short and said with a blank face (not willing to listen to any more heartbreaking words), ‘So how would your day to day existence be without this first person, if something happened to… him?’

My joy was soon restored when she could not answer the question. Read the transcript of her response:

Sarah:  Er… when I wake up, I do not know what I’ll think about. I won’t be able to call the person… which I always do. I will… (her voice trails off as she pauses and stares into space for about 5 minutes) Help me, now. Give me a hint, let me know how my day to day activities would be (Ha-ha! I laughed in *wawu*.) I don’t know. Maybe I’ll learn to make decisions myself… I have not really sat down to ask myself that question. (Then to make matters worse, she lied about the boy’s name) His name is Roland

She tried to cover up this inadequacy to emotion-ize and sentimentalize the imagined non-existence of this so-called ‘important’ person by saying ‘I can’t really answer that because I can’t imagine a life without him’ *yimu*, me that I know in my heart; answering the second part of that prompt made her realize that she had asked God to kill the wrong person.



Ha-ha-ha *laughs in ghost lingua*


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