For the one who dabbles in Yahoo Yahoo;

Yahweh is available. 

For the one who is on the run and is wanted

The shephered who causes us not to want is available. 

For the oppressed; the one who is being lorded over. 

The Lord of lords is available. 

For the one who gets high just to get by

The Most High is available.

For the one who feels too old to be relevant

The Ancient of Days is available. 

For the one who has bleached their skin and now regrets it;

The Atoner is available. 

For the writer who has started different projects and ended none;

The Author and Finisher is available. 

For the one who is always pissed about something;

The Prince of peace is available

For the absentee parent;

The Ever Present Help is available 

For the poor and hungry,

The Bread of Life is available.

For the struggling sole proprietor 

The Branch is available 

For the unmarried and unsettled 

The Bridegroom is available

For the cold and shivering

The Comforter is available 

To the lonely and alone 

God Alone is available 

For the chief who’s always on that corner, stoned;

The Chief Cornerstone is available. 


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