On days like this, I have not a drop of creative juice flowing throw my  veins. 

But commitment requires me to. I have promised myself and my fictional audience, that I will churn out an article a day. 
I think that’s how any good thing in life works. 

There is no everlasting high for a particular person or thing or movement or business; your emotions have to be supported by your committment to get the best of anything you’re involved in.
Take a relationship. I haven’t found or seen or experienced any great relationship with another individual which is solely built just on feeling. 

There will be times, like this night, when you do not just feel like carrying out the promise you made to yourself or to the other person. 

The mistake with most divorces is that they make a promise to be committed without in fact counting the cost of commitment.

Like for me, it was such a dreamy thing to decide to write an article a day, but the doing is definitely not dreamy. 
And at times like this, we may do a poor job at what we have promised. (I mean, take a look at this article. It’s below average.) But what’s important is that we know that we can do better, we accept the bad days as our learning days and we move on.

Hopefully this doesn’t continue tomorrow. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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