Unsuitable Suitor

Trust me, the title has nearly nothing to do with the content of the story. I just really like the phrase – from Jason Mraz’s ‘Prettiest Friend’

It was like a joke, but neither of us was laughing.

I was staring back into the eyes of the woman who I had so jovially conversed with, I had so often traded hair products with, so often shared secret heart issues with , gone shopping with…

 In the last four years, we had formed a bond so strong that it scared me to accept that she was closer to me than my mother. But now, her eyes seemed different. They weren’t just the regular black eyes. They were cold and mean and I could notice the wrinkles around them. They didn’t seem like laughter lines anymore. They were wrinkles; mean rumples complementing her cold eyes.

She repeated herself in a voice I didn’t recognize ‘End it Lydia. And I’m dead serious’.

I thought to myself; *Well… I’d be glad if you were dead now.*

I looked around the garden. So very beautiful. I had planted plenty of the flowers here. Victor’s mom and I. Dee and I.  Now it seemed like all the beauty in the garden mocked me.

Just some minutes before then, Victor and I had walked into the compound of their magnificent house, excited and geared up to tell his parents that we were finally getting married. He had proposed two days before. We knew it would definitely make his parents happy. Especially his ma. I had known Victor for 6 years. Dated him for 4 years. Well… dated him and his ma for 4 years.

Dee and I were best buddies. I spent half of my weekends with her and half of the phone calls I made and received per week were to and from her. She loved me. She’d told me that too many times.

But as Victor and I spilled the news to her, she forced a smile and said ‘That’s good news. Victor would you go to the back and get another chair. Your father would need it when he comes down’. Victor and I exchanged confused glances and he left.

He had barely gone when she said ‘Sit down.’ I had barely sat down when she said ‘Bring an end to this marriage nonsense’. I had barely retorted when she said ‘End it Lydia. And I’m dead serious’

I gathered my thoughts and words and faintly said ‘Dee… you’re… you’re joking. Right?’ She took a sip from her glass of red wine and sighed. Typical Dee. Always drinking.

Then she said ‘That, is exactly what I mean Lydia. Victor does not need you in his life. Who calls her supposed mother-in-law to-be by nickname? You’re a good friend to have. But wife? Haha. No Lydia. You’re not wife material. You’re bossy and in-control. You’re a lawyer. A wealthy one at that. I’ve heard you talk to him. You talk to him like you’re mates. Now, even though you’re age mates, he’s a man. An African man who deserves respect. I don’t think Victor needs any ‘I-know-who-I-am-and-what-I’m-worth’ kind of woman in his life right now’

I was so stunned. It was not possible. Dee had been very very supportive of our relationship. I said ‘But Dee… all along… all this while… everything… 4 years…’

She smiled and said ‘I didn’t think it was marriage serious. Just stay away from my son. We can still be friends though’

I’ve never had anger issues. Never. I’ve always been so calm and level headed. But I was furious. I was not just furious because she was telling me to throw away the last 4 years of my life, I was furious because I knew that if I didn’t, she would. Dee always got anything she wanted.

Of course, I know that this is not exactly what you meant when you said I should write my statement. But Inspector sir, that’s the story. And from the foregoing, I really hope you can relate to why I grabbed the hot water from the tray that Rhoda (the house help) was setting up for Dee’s husband – Victor’s father, and poured it on Dee’s face.

Inspector sir, that’s what happened on 4th of March 2014.  But it doesn’t really tell how frustrated I was. Does it?

Sir, it doesn’t exactly tell that Dee very much deserved it. Does it?

Does it tell that I was pregnant for Victor? I guess not.

Inspector sir, I believe it does not also tell that Dee advised me to get pregnant for him…

…she said ‘Maybe it’ll help awaken the love you say is dead’

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