We Understand Our Haters

You have spent your whole life on the defensive. Trying to defend your actions, your inactions, your methods and your decision. You have learned that the world would not smile at you unless you show them why they should, but they will criticize you, even when you stay put in your little corner.

You have spent a major part of your life trying to prove that you’re worth being looked at a second time; that you can be trusted not just to do your thing, but to do their thing too; that you’re not a disaster waiting to happen and that you won’t explode with failure on anyone who gives you a shoulder to lean on.

You have spent all your money trying to impress girls; to reduce the difference between yourself and the other boys – those ones who always sigh at their phones every 5 minutes and complain about this or that girl disturbing them. You have learned how to cuss the right way and walk tilted to one side because although no one says it, we all know that that’s the hallmark of cool.

You have tried to convince yourself all your life; that the words you hear about you are only other people’s opinions and are not the real truth. ‘But what is the real truth?’, you ask. ‘The truth’ according to your mom, ‘is that. If one person says you’re a dog, ignore them. But if two people say so, record your voice; you’re most likely barking’. Well precisely twelve people have called you a failure (in every variation of the word),  and now when you look in the mirror, all you can see is a 0/100.

You have lived all your life within high walls of limitations falsely posing as imposing representations of what you are. But how can you be your limitations when your limitation need you to exist? There’s a certain conspiracy in this world against the great, and it’s the conspiracy of the scared.  Since they also live within these walls of limitations and have grown accustomed to it, they get uncomfortably scared when they see someone who searches for cracks in the walls to break out; someone who challenges the walls, someone who wants to create a window in the wall, someone who wants to be inspired rather than subdued by the wall.

So, it’s fine if they say that you’re not smart or beautiful enough just because you’re different. They only fear what they can’t understand, and we can understand that.

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