What now?

What are you doing with the alphabets?’ asked people. 

I don’t know’ said I. 
And I indeed did not know! 

From A-Z, everyday I picked up my phone (yes, I started writing with my phone) to write, I’d feel a little afraid because I would think of how the previous alphabet was simply the best I could have done and how I never could top that. 

But I think topped it every time. Life is easy to understand if you’re willing to believe in its simplicity. I always want to learn from my experiences in life; sour or sweet, and from this series I have learned 

  • To trust the bigger Man inside of me: like I said, until I picked up my phone every day, I didn’t know what I’d write; not even the topics. I used to form the topics as I wrote and I gave myself little or no time to think deep about them.  I’d just type the first word and the stories will develop. 
  • To see the potential in everything. Can you imagine that I wrote something substantial on letter X??? Wow. I’m never looking down on anyone again. If only we would try harder on people who seem impossible to teach; to love; to care for; to bless… We would definitely see great results. 
  • People care! Thank you to all the people who read and commented; and to those who didn’t comment but just read and to those who referred others; you guys always made my heart race and my face smile. 

I called Debo this night and as we spoke, I told him that with the end of the alphabet series,  I felt like someone who just lost her job and was now trying to find her way. 

It’s daunting to try something different when what you’re doing works fine. But try, I will – I have no choice anyway. What use is life if it’s same old hum-drum living? Of what use is a talent if it becomes routine?
I’m currently writing my exams now and I honestly need a no-brainer scheme for the  articles I’ll write this period. 

I’ll probably stick with writing on the primary colors (as advised by Debo) or something else. 

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