Work hard, then chill

Today was stressful!

Full of stressful things like walking upandan, studying, working on my final year thesis and you know, generally living in Lagos. It got me wondering about hard work and why people work so hard, and the different ‘schools’ of thought.

Many people believe hard work is the only way to succeed. We’ve all heard it from the motivation people them, “Work hard! Be diligent! That’s the only way you can make it in life!”. How do they explain the people that work hard and never move an inch though? The bank worker that arrives on time and works overtime, but still retires as a mid-level staff? If you ask me, I think their logic is flawed as it doesn’t explain why not all hardworking people are successfully, and why not all successful people are hardworking.

Some think that hard work is for your youth, so you can chill later. Work the 9-5 (or 7-6 in Lagos) while you’re young, then you can retire to the Bahamas early with your spouse. That works too, but many old rich people, work till they can’t work no more. You know, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Armacio Ortega, etc. etc. Like a smart person once said:

The reward of hard work, is more work.

My favourite though, are the ones that feel hard work is overrated. Why work hard when there’s Soft Work? You too think about it.

First Class no be who collect extra sheet – Falz TheBadGuy

I have no conclusion, like I said in the first paragraph I was just wondering.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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