Zoom In

I looked down from a bridge and saw a familiar looking place 

I squinted and my brain worked as fast as it could to figure out where that was

In my head I was saying: this place looks familiar and at the same time there is something unfamiliar about it. 

After a while, it hit me. It was Obalende. 

I marveled because Obalende from the view of the bridge on top looks well organized and relatively peaceful. 

It looks as though everyone is just minding their business and people are just walking at a normal pace. 

Obalende from the top looks like a major roundabout with no major hassles. 

I marveled because Obalende as Obalende itself isn’t anything it looks like from the top. 

It is, most times, a get-out-of-the-way zone. Little Maruwa Tricycles crowding you because all of them assume you’re going to their destinations. 

People saying ‘look where you’re going’. People walking fast. 

Obalende, most times, is not a ‘let’s stop and just chill and discuss’ place. You move. 

I marveled because I realized how this was like real life.

How we stand afar off, look at another person’s life or the relationship of some couple or someone’s family, or another’s career and we think: I must get there! I must be like this. Look how peaceful and organized this person’s life is. 

But if we would zoom in, we would see that the best way to covet a good life is to keep improving on our own lives and not by comparing it other’s.  

Remember, even Obalende looks great from afar. 

*The Topic of today’s article is inspired by a gift item I received today. It’s obvious it made me super happy! Thanks OS*

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