I carry a very heavy weight in my heart and I am looking for the right way to drop it. It’s very sensitive because it’s not supposed to be a weight on the surface of it. 
Here it is: my son, Dipo, is too… Plain (blunt? Honest? Literal?). 

There, I said it. I feel bad already because he’s my son and he’s only 6 years old and I shouldn’t be judging him at this age but it just feels wrong in some way; like something is wrong with him. 

One time, I bought him chocolates because he followed me out. While I tried to open the pack, the chocolate fell on the ground and I immediately picked it, cut out the part that touched the ground and gave him the other part. He asked me if germs hadn’t contaminated the chocolate as a whole and I told him not to worry. ‘Am I not your mom?’ I said. He ate the chocolate and I thought that was the end. 

The next day, his dad was joking about something and he said, ‘Ah, my wife! She knows everything, don’t try her’ Dipo, who was sitting playing with his Legos suddenly said, ‘But dad, she doesn’t even know whether she’s my mom. She asked me yesterday whether she’s my mom.’ And he was being serious. 

Another time, I was doing the laundry and was washing a bunch of my jeans. He came to the laundry room and said, ‘Oh, it’s your jeans you’re washing again. Okay. You wash your jeans two times more than you wash my cloths because  you think your jeans are better than my own cloths. But it’s okay because your jeans are more expensive’ And he walked out of the room. 

And yet another time he told visitors who offered him out of their juice that, ‘You are not supposed to offer me out of the food my mother offered you. If I wanted to take it, I would have asked her and she would have given me. If you want to really give me anything, you should offer me money. But I’ll reject it because my mom said I shouldn’t be collecting money from you. Why? You are not rich?’

AND YET ANOTHER TIME! He had told his class teacher that ‘My mother does not understand how you got this job because she says that you teach badly and your handwriting is like a doctor’s. Aunty, how did you get this job?’ 

I know he’s young. But I’m afraid of what might be wrong with him…
People have said I should focus on what is right with him. 

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