First, let me just get it out of the way that today is Charles’s birthday. But that’s okay… I’m good. I didn’t call him and I wasn’t tempted to. He’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. We’ll both be fine. 
This month has been a month of planning for me majorly.

Materially: I have begun to buy baby stuff. Clothes, socks, bath materials, feeding utensils, baby oils and powder, even a baby music player. It’s all interesting and it’s the funnest part of preparing for the coming of a baby. 
Financially: my mom says that I would need to be more prudent once I have this baby. ‘Not everything buy buy’ she says. My dad says, ‘Which is why you should spend all your money now because when she comes, all your money belongs to her’. I know that’s wrong advice and I’m not taking it. I have opened an account for Iyanu and I’m literally pouring all my small money into it. I’m also pitching to ‘investors’. At this point, I don’t even care what anyone says. 
Spiritually: I am transforming so quickly. I feel like I’ve matured 100 times over in 7 months. I spend hours unending praying for Iyanu, for my delivery, for her life when she arrives, her safety, her expectations, her future, her joy and peace; everything I can think of. There’s always something to pray about. I have a small journal where I write down everything God tells me about her. 
Socially: To be very honest, I am not preparing actively socially. I have few friends anyway. But what I mean by preparing socially is that I have joined online communities of mothers; home and abroad. We discuss issues on pregnancy, delivery, new born management, and so one. It’s so interesting! All the mothers on Mamalette are rooting for Iyanu and I, and they cannot wait for her to she come. I feel like they know and understand me better than most real-life friends. 
Mentally: I am reading. I am reading and reading and reading. Since I have to read my school books as well, when I’m not sleeping, I’m reading either school work or baby work. It’s such a profession. But I’m getting ready. I am also preparing mentally by repeating mantras and confessions like, ‘I will be a great mom’, ‘My life does not end when my child’s begins‘, ‘My present circumstances don’t determine my future realities‘ and so on. They are simple but they work. 

November had truly being a month of maturity for me. 

Two moths more!

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