About Sola

Sola said to write about her. I wanted to avoid it because then she’ll think I care about her (which I actually do but why let her know?) But then my fingers danced around my keyboard for a while and my brain froze over. Law school is making me think only of legal principles and opinions and statues. It’s actually not funny.

Anyway, back to Sola.

Sola is a stalker that has followed me all through my University days till now – here at the back of the desert; Yola. We sat together as naïve 15 (or so) year-olds in a small diploma class. And journeyed together all the way to exchanging ‘What the hell?’ glances and laughing in our Jurisprudence class. Now, we’re swinging it at the first row of the Nigerian Law School, Yola Campus together.

Sola is a weirdo. (She just told me that when she was small and was crying, she would call her own name while she cried. What???)

Sola is a talkative (In reality, I talk more than she does. But I tell her she talks too much just because she believes everything I say)

Sola is a reader. (Jesus. Although Law School had created a level ground for us, Undergraduate days were not funny! I never really read my books. But Sola had a sort of relationship with the library, it was almost a beautiful and romantic story of soul ties)

Sola is a singer. (Boy, does she have a voice! And she sings only Christian songs. Take note.)

Sola talks to herself a lot. (Presently, she’s moving things around her bed and saying ‘I choose hard work. I choose hard work’ Re: Sola is a weirdo)

Sola wants to get married to a French Chef (Just today, she was telling me about how she had to get herself to Paris ASAP).

Sola is a friend (Just in case no one knows, I am a very annoying person. I can get on your nerves with a grater and grate it and I wouldn’t expect you to get mad at me. But Sola overlooks these things MOST TIMES and behaves as if she’s older than me – which she isn’t)

Bye Sola.



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