Created For Me

I wonder how come I had never seen it the way my mother said it this morning.

My mother, she was talking to me this morning and she said something profound. She said ‘The reason why the sun and the moon and animals and every other thing was created before man was because they were created  to serve man and not the other way round’ 

That made sense.

I imagined the son of a king coming home from a long trip. The focus of kingdom would be to prepare the entire city and palace, to make it neat, to repair the roads, to move broken trees, to (maybe)  repaint houses. But though it may seem like the people are focusing on their environment, their main focus and end goal is really to make it conducive for the Prince.

It’s the same for me.

Day was prepared specially for my coming. It is to serve me. And so for as long as the sun is out, everything which the day allows is meant to serve my purpose. I shouldn’t worship the sun. It should serve me; it should dry my cloths, warm my skin (not burn me), give me light…

And Night. Night was created in preparation for my coming. I am not enslaved to the darkness of the night. I am not scared of it. I do not shuffle around the streets casting fearful glances because of those who use the darkness of the night for their own evil intent. No. I walk with confidence. Because the darkness of Night was created to help me; to help me number my days, to help me rest, to help me reflect.

And the sky above me. The sky was created in preparation for my coming. And so the sky works in my favor. It is to gather the clouds and throw me a show of magnificent beauty.

And the Land. Oh, the land was definitely created for my coming. I am not to toil before it yields for me. It is fruitful for me. It produces the best crops just for me… So I eat nothing poisonous. It doesn’t give way under my feet, neither does it hurt my feet. The Land does not created a path for me unto destruction. The land doesn’t become hungry for my blood.

And the seas and all its creatures were created for my arrival. Sharks are not allowed to eat me up, neither is water allowed to drown me.

The trees and the fields were created to give me shelter and food.

And birds and animals and the stars and the moon were made in preparation of my coming.


And now I have come. Now I am here.

Until now, I did not understand, why all these things were present on earth earlier than me. For a while now, I treated myself like I was an afterthought. For a while I couldn’t question these creations I met here on earth because I felt like they were older than me.

But now I realize that I am the only creation made in image of the only Creator. I am the god made in the image of God. And every other thing that was made was made by Him and for me. Nothing that was made, was made to Lord over me. And the only One permitted to lord over me is the Lord over me; the One who made me.

…and the one to whom He’ll hand me over. And the ones under whose care he has put me.

But every other thing created was created for me to live easier and serve Him better.

I never saw it this way until my mother said it this morning.

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