Don’t Blame Me

Psst!’ whispered distraction, ‘it’ll be great if you stopped blaming me for your lack of focus.’

I shut my textbook and replied, ‘Oh really? Who do I blame then?’

Blame yourself for making me priority’ he snickered.


And then, jogged along dieting

Hey you! Been looking for you all around. Would you stop blaming me for your poor self-care?’ she said.

I was dazed. ‘But it’s all because of you I starve myself and deny myself calories of pleasure!’ I retorted angrily

Well, that’s all on you. Don’t blame me if you feel woozy and your brain stops functioning well’


I was still nursing the betrayal I felt when the government convoyed in; loud sirens, flashy cars, muscled men mean mugging

Hey young lady,’ the government said through wound-down tinted glass, ‘hope you’re not sitting there thinking about how the government of the day has wronged you’

No’  I said, ‘But that would be one valid thought’

He smiled and said, ‘Think not of what your government has done to you, but of what you can do for your government’ And he zoomed off


I rolled my eyes and caught poverty looking into my bag

Hey! get out of here! There’s no place for you here’  I yelled shooing it away

It laughed. ‘Now you chase me away. But when the time comes to blame all your underachievement on someone, I’m readily at your service’  it said, looking hurt.

‘Well, that’s because you’re the cause of all my underachievement’ I replied.

He laughed again and said, ‘I have romanced some people longer than you and I have been together and they rose above all my tricks and discomforts and made it. Blame yourself for your own laziness’


His words sunk in as I watched all of them leave.

Then came Love. She waltzed around before she got to me.

Hey honey.’  Her voice was soft and soothing. ‘I’m here like the others; to tell you you’ve got me figured out all wrong’

I sighed as she put her arms around me.

You blame me for all the hurt you go through; all the negative feelings you get – you think you get them because it’s what happens when you’re so in love. You sit through abuse and pain and you say, ‘well, if this is what love is, then I’m a world-class sadist.’ But that’s not what I bring. I am love and I am to be enjoyed. When you start to endure me, know that something is wrong somewhere and it is not from my side of the deal. Okay?’

Sure’  I said.

It was a hell of a day.





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