Fancy is the name of the young man I met today

He stood tall at New Market, Victoria Island

He told us that his tools were just nearby; he’d do our nails for us

He came back within minutes and took us to a different salon

He gave Sarah a massage on her toes before painting her nails

He was gentle with my fingers before painting my nails

He said his real name is Ramsey, but we can call him Fancy… no, he prefers Soft. Call him Soft.

He told us he hasn’t been to church in a while

He told us his boss fought with him this morning

He told us the fight was because he decided to quit work

He told us that he works from Sunday to Sunday. Why should he do that?

He sang along to the Christian music blaring from the speakers.

He had kind eyes and the most gentle demeanor

He told us that he has decided to start up his own nail fixing business. He doesn’t want to work for anyone.

He gave us his mobile number

Meeting Fancy Soft was somewhat refreshing for me.


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